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2-ethylanthraquinone 84-51-5

Light yellow flake crystals, soluble in organic solvents, melting point 107-111℃, mainly used in the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide...

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Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) 1327-41-9

Usually called a coagulant, it is a water-soluble inorganic polymer between ACL3 and AL(OH)3,The general chemical ...

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Polyaluminum chloride liquid 1327-41-9

It is a water-soluble inorganic high molecular polymer between ALCL3 and AL(OH)3, the general chemical formula is  ...

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Anthraquinone 84-65-1

 Yellow needle-like crystal, flammable and low toxicity. Slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone, insoluble in water, soluble in ...

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