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Preparation of hydrogen peroxide by 2-ethylanthraquinone method

Author:   2020-08-12   Visits:  【Print】  【Close

The use of hydrogen peroxide is very extensive and important. At present, the demand for hydrogen peroxide in our country is increasing day by day. However, the production of hydrogen peroxide started only after the liberation of our country, and it was mainly based on electrolysis, so the supply volume could not meet the needs of industry. According to literature and practice, it is a better method to make hydrogen peroxide by 2-ethylanthraquinone method. Its advantages are: low capital investment, simple equipment and operation process, small workshop area, etc., so it is suitable for universal use in various places. This new method has not yet entered the stage of industrial production in my country, but the Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry first conducted research and reached a conclusion. Recently, we have done more than ten months of experimental research and have received a lot of help from the Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry. Now, let us briefly introduce to readers some of the experience we have gained from doing this work, so that this method can be further valued by everyone and play a certain role in the cause of socialist construction.

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